Bakery Packaging

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As a leading Bakery Co Packers, we understand that baked goods like croissants, cakes, pastries and other products require the utmost care to preserve their exquisite taste. Here at Pine Creek, we have a range of bakery packaging options that includes:

Cake Boards & Boxes

As the most popular bakery item among consumers, cake packaging at Pine Creek is done precisely and beautifully to attract shoppers to your place. We use high-quality bakery boxes for macrons, cakes and pasties. Also, we do customization to provide you the packages in a variety of styles, colours and patterns to make consumers crave for it.

Paper Baking Molds and Trays

To provide you with absolute convenience, our freestanding baking molds and baking cups are great for baking and selling. They are flexible and pretty cost-effective.

Foil Bakery Pans

Our foil packaging is not only convenient but economical for a wide variety of baked goods. They are strong and perfect choice for disposable cookware. Our Foil Bakery packaging is also great for saving your dishwashing time.

Bakery Bags

As a reliable Bakery Co Packers, we facilitate you with an extensive selection of bakery bags to package your cookies, artisan breads, bagels, soft pretzels and other baked goods. These packaging bags are prepared from high-quality materials that works ideal for routine bakery packaging needs.

Packaging for Right Brand Recognition

Brand recognition plays an important role in the food industry. That’s why our creative designers put efforts in printing your logo and pack the products for optimum satisfaction. From ready-made bakery goods to chocolate and confectionery boxes, we’ve got the perfect solution for you.

Our expert team of designers are dedicated to create unique and innovative designs including folding models, pillow boxes, pouches and more. We use different materials for a range of packaging such as grease resistant and freezer-safe packages with fine opening and closures.