Organic Co Packaging

Are you searching for a comprehensive Organic Co Packers for your fresh produces? Welcome to Pine Creek which is known for expert organic product packaging all across Washington. Whether you are launching a new beverage or food item in the market, we provide fine packaging to meet organic standards.

Being a certified and Organic Copacker, we adhere to provide fine packaging by using quality ensured materials. We guarantee that our packaging products do not contain any synthetic chemicals such as growth hormones, food additives, irradiation or genetic engineering.

You can always rest assured with our quality packaging!

Do you want to know what food items are covered under our organic standards?

  • Dairy Products and Eggs
  • Meats and Poultry
  • Grains
  • Nuts and Seeds
  • Legumes
  • Livestock Feed
  • Fruits and Vegetables, including Mushrooms
  • Beverages

Additional Features in Our Packaging

As an Organic Co Packers, we ensure that our packaging withstand unique environmental challenges. We even have a team of handpicked designers with bespoke skills who are trained to add more character in your product’s packaging design. From aperture opening, embossing for contoured finishing and colourful printing, we do it all. Our versatile designs and variety of organic packaging options sets us apart from other Organic Copacker in town.

100% Bio-Degradable Packaging

Our experts at Pine Creek undergo the fine packaging process by understanding the environment’s impact that makes the real difference. We use high-quality products which is also home compostable. You can conveniently store a stash of products in your pantry for long term usage.

Maven Packaging Materials

To meet high quality standards and hygiene needs for the food industry, we use special equipment and products for premium packaging solutions. Our protected and optimum organic packaging make sure that your product stays moisture and fat free (especially for snack packaging). Along with that, we use food-safe inks, glues, bags, boards, and boxes to maintain the durability of your product.

Pine Creek assure you to provide fully tailored packaging solutions to maintain the quality and sustainability of your organic food item.